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... • Concentrating Solar Power Plants -- Concentrating solar power utilizes mirrors to focus and intensify the sun's heat to boil water and drive a traditional steam turbine for the production of electricity. • Wind Turbine Generators and Farms -- Wind turbine generators convert energy from wind to electricity either as single units or multiple units also known as farms.
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... . Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters, Order JO 7400.2G Communications Interference Solar photovoltaic Concentrating solar power Wind turbine generators Traditional power plants Electrical transmission Corona discharges where leaks occur between conductors and insulators New radar facilities Transponders in aircraft Building set-backs from primary radar Radar-absorbing material Correction to STARS configuration Solar PV, Oakland International, California: 500-ft set-back from ASR Shepherd Flats Wind Farm, Oregon: FAA approval contingent on upgrade of primary radar facilities Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield California: study concludes impacts avoided with software upgrade via STARS configuration U.S.
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... . Ivanpah Solar Power Project Commission Decision Thermal Plume Turbulence Concentrating solar power Traditional power plants Australian Method (4.3 m/s velocity signifies potential impact)
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... • Turbulence from Thermal Plumes -- Thermal plumes are created by power plants using dry cooling systems releasing hot air that rises at a measurable rate and causes air turbulence. Unlike a vapor plume, that turbulence cannot be perceived by a pilot, which increases the potential risk to aviators.

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