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From page 29...
... Despite a varied level of commitment to reduce emissions from a number of states, the ten RGGI states and California are currently the only states with potential compliance demand for offset credits. Demand in RGGI states is currently very low, as most regulated entities have sufficient allowances to meet their compliance requirements.
From page 30...
... ; • Carbon sequestration due to afforestation; • Reduction or avoidance of CO2 emissions from natural gas, oil, or propane end-use combustion due to end-use energy efficiency in the building sector; and • Avoided methane emissions from agricultural manure management operations. A total of 11 auctions have been held.
From page 31...
... The first allowance "true-up" will be in 2015 when regulated entities will be required to retire allowances and a limited amount of offset credits, if desired, for their 2013 and 2014 emissions. The program will require electricity-generating facilities, industrial facilities, and suppliers of natural gas and other fuels to account for their emissions (downstream emissions in the case of fuel suppliers)
From page 32...
... • Without legislation the voluntary market will be the primary market for airport offset credits. 3.2.1 Legislative Attempts Numerous attempts have been made in Congress to enact legislation that would place a binding cap on total United States emissions; however, to date, no bill has successfully passed through both Houses of Congress.
From page 33...
... • Current regulations do not create any extra demand for offset credits. Depending on how regulations evolve, offset credits could serve as a compliance option for regulated entities.

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