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4.1 Sample IT Principles
Pages 44-48

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From page 44...
... They should be developed jointly by the CIO, CEO, and key stakeholders to align with airport strategic goals and visions. The development of IT principles is influenced by the following: • Current systems and technology -- the set of information resources deployed within the airport, including systems documentation, equipment inventories, and network configurations.
From page 45...
... IT components should be shared across departmental boundaries, and IT initiatives should be conducted in accordance with the airport master plan. All system sourcing options must be evaluated so that decisions bring the greatest value possible.
From page 46...
... The IT organization defines and implements IT processes and infrastructure to meet requirements defined by business units (functionality, service levels, and cost) while maintaining security and data integrity.
From page 47...
... 4.1.10 Principle 10: Shared Data To improve the quality and efficiency of airport operations, airport personnel must have timely access to accurate data. Maintaining data in a single application and sharing it across departments is less costly than maintaining duplicate data in multiple applications because it avoids rekeying the same information and promotes data consistency.
From page 48...
... 4.1.17 Principle 17: Control of Technological Diversity Technological diversity must be controlled to minimize the cost of operating in and maintaining multiple processing environments. Using common technology across the airport brings benefits from economies of scale and better management of administration and support costs.

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