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... • Implement a standard IT system lifecycle process for their airport. • Effectively describe the benefits and value of IT systems when formulating airport strategic goals and making financial investment decisions.
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... • Stakeholder executive -- A stakeholder is anyone who uses technology systems and cares about the systems' performance. For the purposes of this primer, the term stakeholder executive refers to senior airport managers who report to the CEO and represent users who depend on IT systems, including those in charge of property management, operations, maintenance, security, finance, and human resources.
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... Chapter 2 is focused on facilitating a mutual understanding between airport executives regarding IT. The chapter highlights the perspectives of each of these executives and what they would like the others to understand.
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... Information technology also has its own unique vocabulary. To help airport executives sort out the terminology, Appendix C provides a list of airport and IT acronyms and abbreviations along with expansions and brief descriptions.
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... Introduction 5 Table 1-1. IT system lifecycle checklist.

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