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... Appendix C contains a pre-award audit questionnaire developed by PTD for new subrecipients.7 The questionnaire is designed to help PTD assess the subrecipient's ability to comply with the requirements associated with FTA funding. Areas covered by the questionnaire include • general information, including the amount of federal awards from all sources for the previous fiscal year; • cash management, addressing controls over fed eral funds, documentation of disbursements, and reconciliation of bank accounts; and • other areas, covering indirect costs, cost sharing, compliance, and procurement.
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... The agreedupon procedures to be performed may include various combinations of those described in this document. The specific procedures performed for each sub-recipient will be determined based upon an assessment of perceived risks.9 Procedures for obtaining and Reviewing subrecipient Financial Audits The Ohio DOT Office of Transit has conducted compliance reviews of its subrecipients for many years.

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