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Appendix A
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... 20 APPenDiX A suRveY ResPonDents list State Contact State Contact AK Eric Taylor MT Doug McBroom AL Joecephus Nix NC Miriam Perry AR James Newcomb ND Denny Johnson AZ Sam Chavez NE Ellis Tompkins CA Kim Gayle NH Shelly Winters CO Mattew Paswaters NJ Robert Koska CT Mark Hayes NM David Harris DC Gabe Klein NV Michelle Gardner FL Elizabeth Stutts NY Ron Epstein GA Steve Kish OH Marianne Freed HI Ryan Fujii OK Ken LaRue ID Randy Kyrias OR Robin Bjurstrom IL David Spacek PA John Dockendorf IN Larry Buckel SD Bruce Lindholm KY Vickie Bourne, Eric Perez TN Sherri Carroll LA Donna LaVigne TX Eric Gleason MA Jeffrey Mullan UT Leone Gibson MD Beth Kreider VA Donald Karabaich ME Susan Moreau VM Krista Chadwick MI Sharon Edgar WI John Alley MN Mike Schadauer WS Katy Taylor MO Steve Billings WV Susan O'Connell MS Charles Carr WY Rich Douglass

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