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Appendix B
Pages 21-24

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... At a time when most states are financially constrained, it is becoming more important for the public transportation units of the state DOTs to demonstrate that every effort is being made to monitor the expenditure of state and federal funds and to assure that the funds are being used for their intended purpose and in compliance with state and federal regulations. State DOTs differ significantly in the distribution and sources of state funding for public transportation and in the approaches used to monitor the use of the funds.
From page 22...
... 3. Please identify ALL types of public transit assistance programs for which your state provides funding (applies to state funds only)
From page 23...
... does your state play in subrecipient financial audits (e.g., attend/observe audit meetings)
From page 24...
... I will send an electronic file of our "best practice" ( ) I will not send a file at this time but feel we could benefit from other states' procedures Thank you so much for participating in this NCHRP project on State Financial Auditing Requirements for their Public Transportation Assistance Programs.

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