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Appendix B: Commissioned Paper Authors
Pages 73-76

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From page 73...
... In addition, she has testified in matters involving competition and investment incentives before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state public utility commissions.   Prior to becoming a consultant, Dr.
From page 74...
... He also served as a principal analyst in the Microeconomic and Financial Studies Division of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) where he researched reforms of radio spectrum management; estimated the budgetary and private sector impacts of spectrum-related legislative proposals; and advised on auction design and privatization issues for all research at the CBO.
From page 75...
... As a member of the State Center Panel of Economists, Dr. McCabe has assisted Attorney Generals from different states including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York, on a variety of antitrust investigations.
From page 76...
... Wasshausen spent over 20 years working in BEA's National Economic Accounts directorate, most recently overseeing BEA's Fixed Assets Accounts, which included net stocks, depreciation, and fixed investment. His areas of interest include input-output analysis, index number theory, price indexes for IT goods and services, productivity analysis, and depreciation profiles.

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