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Appendix B: Meeting Agendas and Other Inputs to the Study
Pages 159-162

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From page 159...
... Deborah Lockhart, NSF Discussion of study goals James Crowley, executive director, Society with major professional for Industrial and Applied Mathematics societies (SIAM) Tina Straley, executive director, Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
From page 160...
... David Eisenbud, Simons Foundation James Crowley, executive director, SIAM (discussing industry research) Major advances in recent James Carlson, president, Clay Mathematics years that illustrate new Institute opportunities and future directions MEETING 2 DECEMBER 4 AND 5, 2010 IRVINE, CALIFORNIA The changing university Hal S
From page 161...
... J Watson Research Center MEETING 3 MAY 12 AND 13, 2011 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Stresses and opportunities Robert Fefferman, dean of physical sciences, for the mathematical University of Chicago sciences Robert Zimmer, President, University of Chicago What are major Yali Amit, University of Chicago, Statistics opportunities for the Department mathematical sciences, Peter Constantin, University of Chicago, steps needed to realize Mathematics Department them, and stresses Kam Tsui, University of Wisconsin, Statistics affecting the profession Department over the coming years?
From page 162...
... Insights from these conference calls helped the committee select the recent advances that it highlighted in Chapter 2, and they also contributed to the identification of trends discussed in Chapter 4.

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