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8. Space Science Program and Policy Issues
Pages 130-132

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From page 130...
... With these common evolutionary themes and the exposition of continuous cause and effect between evolving biological and planetary systems, communication across scientific disciplines has become at least as important as within the disciplines themselves. Maintenance of this broad "mix" of biological and physical sciences, and of ground- and space-based investigations, is unique to the space sciences and critical to the effective conduct of a vigorous national program in chemical evolution and planetary biology.
From page 131...
... To a large extent, this situation does not extend to other branches of NASA, which have historically devoted significant resources to the development of concepts for flight instruments as part of their ongoing programs. The committee therefore urges NASA to encourage the timely development of instrumentation for potential use in space experiments involving chemical evolution and planetary biology, well in advance of payload selection, by setting aside specific funds for this purpose.
From page 132...
... Also, because the subject matter of this field cuts across both the physical and the biological sciences, specific training in this area is not normally available to students as they prepare for their scientific careers, and young people entering the pool of scientific talent are less apt to seek careers in chemical evolution and planetary biology. To surmount this deficiency, NASA should develop a program of specific postdoctoral fellowships in the field by which candidates would be able to pursue advanced studies either at NASA in-house laboratories or with university specialists.

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