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A The Orange Book
Pages 241-245

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... Appendixes
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... · The Orange Book process combines published system criteria with system evaluation and rating (relative to the criteria) by the staff of the National Computer Security Center.
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... The TCB interface is well-defined and the TCB design and implementation enable it to be subjected to more thorough testing and more complete review. Authentication mechanisms are strengthened, trusted facility management is provided in the form of support for system administrator and operator functions, and stringent configuration management controls are imposed.
From page 245...
... It has been codified as a military standard, making it a requirement for defense systems, and its dissemination has been directed largely to major vendors of centralized systems, notably vendors who are or who supply government contractors. Because of its shortcomings, which have been debated in the computer security community for several years, the Orange Book must be regarded as only an interim stage in the codification of prudent protection practices.

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