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C Emergency Response Teams
Pages 276-277

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From page 276...
... : Formed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and centered at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, CERT provides access to technical experts around the country. CERT is intended to provide both incident-prevention and incident-response services.
From page 277...
... Like the Defense Communications Agency, DOE saw that a "central capability for analyzing events, coordinating technical solutions, ensuring that necessary information is conveyed to those who need such information, and training others to deal with computer security incidents is essential." DOE was able to draw on an established research capability in the computer security arena, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Schultz, 19901. Because of the rapidity with which computer pest programs can spread both within the United States and worldwide, it is vital that such efforts be well informed, coordinated with one another, and ready to mobilize rapidly in emergencies.

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