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From page 149...
... biological diversity The variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur. breeding line A group of plants with similar traits that have been selected for their special combinations of traits from hybrid or other populations.
From page 150...
... The porous medium can be filter paper, cellulose, or, more frequently, a starch or polyacrylamide gel. enhancement The process of improving a germplasm accession by breeding in desirable genes from more agriculturally acceptable cultivars, breeding lines, or other accessions, while retaining the important genetic contributions of the accession.
From page 151...
... Typically, gametes such as egg cells contain a single set and are termed haploid, while the somatic cells that comprise the bulk of the living tissue of the plant body contain two sets and are diploid. genotype In the context of this report, plants with a specific complement of genes.
From page 152...
... regeneration Grow-out of a seed accession for the purpose of obtaining a fresh sample with high viability and adequate numbers of seeds. restriction fragment length polymorphisms Variation that occurs within a species in the length of DNA fragments resulting from digestion of the extracted DNA with one of several enzymes that cleave DNA at specific recognition sites.
From page 153...
... tissue culture A technique for cultivating cells, tissues, or organs of plants in a sterile, synthetic medium; includes the tissues excised from a plant and the culture of pollen or seeds. tuber A thickened, compressed, fleshy, usually underground stem that may function as a storage organ for food (starch)

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