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From page 156...
... His areas of research include plant population genetics, gene resource conservation, and plant breeding. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences.
From page 157...
... His areas of interest are in technology and social change, particularly in relation to agricultural research and biotechnology. 113-TZU CHANG Chang has been head of the International Rice Germplasm Center at the International Rice Research Institute since 1983 and principal scientist since 1985.
From page 158...
... MAJOR M GOODMAN Goodman is professor of crop science, statistics, genetics, and botany at North Carolina State University (NCSU)
From page 159...
... DAVID H TIMOTHY Timothy has been professor of crop science, botany, and genetics at North Carolina State University since 1966.
From page 160...
... She has a Ph.D. degree in botany from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, and has extensive knowledge of the application of tissue culture, cryopreservation, and plant biotechnology to the conservation of plant genetic resources.

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