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I Introduction
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... . The former revised the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C.
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... The EPLAS committee firmly believes that a strong education program on the care and use of laboratory animals goes beyond the involvement of scientists, research technicians, and animal care personnel. To promote understanding of the scientific process and minimize misunderstandings, the committee suggests that administrators, nonscientific members of lACUCs, support staff, and other nonscientific personnel indirectly involved in activates using live animals be included in the program.
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... We believe the strategy we have adopted fulfills the requirements of the PHS polio y and the regulations of the Animal Welfare Act, while being flexible enough to seine the needs of the wide Sanely of institutions that must comply with these requirements. REFERENCE PHS (Public Health Service)
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... The pain module builds on both the core and the species-speci~c modules, while the surgery module requires information and skills presented in all three preceding modules. The modules furnish major topic headings and provide a crossreference to Part m, which contains detailed outlines of the material contained in the modules.
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... Three appendixes provide a set of principles adopted by the federal government for the humane care and use of animals, a description of the Animal Welfare Information Center of the National Agricultural Library, and a series of statements that can be used by course coordinators for developing learning objectives or by participants for self-assessment.

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