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II The Animal Welfare Information Center
Pages 127-132

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From page 127...
... on improved methods of animal experimentation, including methods which could reduce or replace animal use and minimize pain and distress to animals, such as anesthetic and analgesic procedures." The information service, established at NAL in 1986, was designated the Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC)
From page 128...
... Subjects that are indexed for use by AWIC include alternatives to the use of animals in research, testing, and education; euthanasia; analgesia; anesthesia; training and education of technicians and investigators; transportation and acquisition of animals; species husbandry; animal behavior; environmental factors affecting animals; laboratory animal management; institutional animal care and use committees; regulations and legislation concerning the humane treatment of animals; and philosophies of animal welfare or animal rights. As directed by Congress, the AWIC staff emphasizes the acquisition of new materials related to the welfare of laboratory animals.
From page 129...
... For example, bibliographies are available on the Draize and LD50 tests, alternatives to the use of live animals for research and education, euthanasia, legislation, training materials for technicians and investigators, ethical and moral issues, transgenic animals, reference materials for members of institutional animal care and use committees, toxoplasmosis in laboratory animals, sources of simulation software, and laboratory animal housing and management. All AWIC bibliographies are distributed without charge.
From page 130...
... · Two publications on alternative animal toxicology testing methods entitled Benchmarks: Altemative Methods in Toxicology and A Predictive Model for Estimating Rat Oral LD50 Values, which were produced by the Princeton Scientific Publishing Company (Available for purchase from Princeton Scientific.) · Twenty slide programs on care of animals of Laboratory Animal Medicine.
From page 131...
... For additional information please contact Animal Welfare Information Center, Room 205, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD 20705 (301-344-3212~. PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE THROUGH AWIC Quick Bibliographies Animal Models of Disease (QB 89-07)
From page 132...
... Miscellaneous ALF (Agricultural Library Forum) : The National Agricultural Library's Electronic Bulletin Board System: A Brief Guide The Animal Welfare Information Center Brochure Animal Welfare Information Center Scope Notes for Indexers Animal Welfare Information Center: Serials List Animal Welfare Legislation: Bills and Public Laws 1980-October 1988 Animal Welfare Legislation: Bills and Public Laws November 1988-January 1989.

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