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6 Domestic Fowl
Pages 71-74

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... Some s, Jr. Professor of Animal Genetics Nutritional Sciences Department University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut 06268 7
From page 72...
... Leghorn Outbred Tdm Leghorn, White Linebred immunizations: Marek's Cof Disease Outbred Roc animals available within Shw 50 mile radius of Philadelphia; chicks, fertile eggs, & embryos available -- chicks & embryos avail- Spa able Long Island Red Outbred Tdm New Hampshire Linebred immunizations: Marek's Cof Disease New Hampshire Red Outbred Thr Plymouth Rock, Barred Linebred "U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Hab clean;" immunizations: Newcastle Disease, Marek's Dis ease; chicks, eggs, & available; custom hatching available Linebred immunizations: Marek's Cof Disease
From page 73...
... Plymouth Rock, White Linebred Rhode Island Red Linebred Sex-Linked tPhode Crossbred Island Red x Bar red Plymouth Rock] Silver [Rhode Island Crossbred Red x silver factor, White Plymouth Rock]
From page 74...
... Mixed Breeds Outbred Roc Various Breeds -- Cla GEESE (Anser anser) Grey Toulouse White Embden Outbred goslings available in Adv spr~ng Thr goslings available in Adv spring Outbred Thr Mixed Breeds Outbred Roc Various Breeds Outbred Cla TURKEYS (Mel eagri s gal l opavo )

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