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Office Workstations in the Home (1985) / Chapter Skim
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Mountain Bell: Program for Managers
Pages 33-37

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From page 33...
... This group was composed primarily of technically oriented managers who were responsible for course development and delivery of training courses for computer programmers. At our first meeting we discussed the purpose of the trial and reviewed our preliminary concerns and questions.
From page 34...
... They used Texas Instruments terminals tied into the corporation's Honeywell timeshared computer for their developmental work. The managers were located at Mountain Bell's training center, located approximately 15 miles southwest of the corporate headquarters in downtown Denver.
From page 35...
... Although able to discipline herself to complete her work assignments in her home environment, she said she was not able to stay away from the refrigerator and found herself "constantly eating." Another manager requested that he be allowed to terminate his participation in the trial because of serious difficulties encountered with his nonworking spouse. He reported that while he worked at home his wife felt that he was watching to see whether
From page 36...
... He missed the social contact at his normal office location and had difficulty adjusting to the self-discipline needed in a work-athome environment. At the completion of the trial, results showed almost a 50 percent increase in overall productivity for the composite group.
From page 37...
... Most have involved management employees who are primarily assigned to staff functions and do not use computer terminals. Many managers are still hesitant to use homework even though it promises the potential reward of increased productivity.

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