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Office Workstations in the Home (1985) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 5-7

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... They recognized that the telephone and television had still to make major impacts on life in the United States. The anticipated inventions of major interest to the study group were the mechanized cotton Don Miller is San Jose laboratory staff manager, General Products Division, IBM Corporation.
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... During the same period a noted British admiral developed a very learned report proving with great dignity that the scoop propeller would be a failure since it was impossible to steer a ship from the rear. Despite such an uneven track record for foreseeing major developments that win significantly affect our society, the rate of change continues to accelerate.
From page 7...
... At the same time, business sense should cause us to apply cost and productivity measures that lead to successful innovation. We believe that the information and ideas—presented in these case studies provide a basis for initiating intelligent investigations.

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