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Office Workstations in the Home (1985) / Chapter Skim
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F International: Twenty Years' Experience in Homeworking
Pages 51-56

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From page 51...
... offers a comprehensive range of data processing services, including consulting, project management, hardware and software evaluation, business and systems analysis, design, specification writing, software development, user and technical training, and computer installation support. Eight hundred fifty people, most of them women and working part time, are involved worldwide.
From page 52...
... Members of the F! work force are predominantly women Tooking after young children or elderly family members, disabled people, and men and women who choose to work at home because they like it.
From page 53...
... Ninety-six percent of the work force is female, largely because the opportunity to work at home attracts a large number of people, like myself 20 years ago, who want to continue working from home while caring for their families. A quiet, uninterrupted work area is essential for creative software development.
From page 54...
... These figures indicate the very part-time and still relatively remote nature of the work force. Communications are highly dependent on telephone and postal services and on a few key people, mainly executive secretaries,
From page 55...
... F International is still a private corporation, though the equity is being slowly transferred for the benefit of the work force. Pretax profits have averaged 11 percent where the industry norm is 9.5 percent.
From page 56...
... 5. F International has access to a skilleci, self-disciplined work force in short supply.

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