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Genetic Effects of the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Pages 9-12

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From page 9...
... For practical considerations investigation will have to be concentrated chiefly on the class with such large edects as may lead to stillbirths, to live births with gross external abnormality, or to internal defects causing death or serious illness in infancy. Since there is no general agreement as to what proportion of cases of abnormal fetal development is genetically determined, and what proportion is due to nongenetic factors, an increased incidence of morphologically abnormal fetuses following irradiation may not be used as an index of the frequency of genetic change until the non 331 THE CHlIDREN OF ATOMIC BOMB SURVIVORS
From page 10...
... They had planned to compare the present and future frequency of abnormal births in Hiroshima with the frequencies reported in their medical literature and vital statistics during the prewar years. But it is by no means sure either that the prewar figures were sufficiently accurate or that the present reporting of vital statistics would be u holly effective in detecting rare effects of the atomic bomb radiations.
From page 11...
... In this way it should be possible to throve light upon the proportion of the total genetic SCIENCE, October 10, 1947 effects produced by the radiation that would have been detectable by the methods used in the investigation on the human material, and the serious danger of misinterpretation of the latter results `~-oult1 be minimized. Recognizing the difficulties briefly touched upon in the foregoing paragraphs, the Conference ol1 Genetics voted unanimously to record the following, expression of its attitude toward the genetic program: "Although there is every reason to infer that genetic edects can be produced and have been produced in man by atomic radiation, nevertheless the conference wishes to make it clear that it cannot guarantee significant results from this or any other study on the Japanese material.

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