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Appendix C: Animal Models for the Study of Whooping Cough and the Testing of Vaccine Materials
Pages 333-336

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From page 333...
... pertussis, and rabbits carry the organism for months without showing signs of disease (Ashworth et al., 1982; Weiss and Hewlett, 1986~. Most of the information about pertussis gained from animal models has come from the study of mice.
From page 334...
... Despite these obvious differences from the infection in humans, protection in this model has correlated with vaccine efficacy in humans (Medical Research Council, 1959; Standfast, 19581. STANDARDIZED ANIMAL TESTS OF VACCINE MATERIALS The intracerebral mouse protection test (Kendrick et al., 1947, 1949)
From page 335...
... These vagaries further illustrate the difficulty of generalizing to humans the results obtained from studies in animals. A sensitive assay for the particularly important toxin PT and for anti-PT has been developed by using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO)
From page 336...
... Journal of Biological Standardization 13:61-66. Hewlett EL, Sauer KT, Myers GA, Cowell JL, Guerrant RL.

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