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Appendix E: Possible Involvement of Aluminum Salts in Erythema Multiforme, Encephalopathy, or Other Adverse Events After Pertussis Immunization
Pages 347-348

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From page 347...
... Other more significant local reactions including nodules at the site of injection, itching, eczema, and circumscribed hypertrichosis over nodules have been observed more frequently following administration of aluminum hydroxide-adsorbed DPT vaccine than after administration of unabsorbed DPT vaccine (Pembroke and Marten, 1979~. Interest has developed recently in the potential health effects of aluminum, particularly in the setting of chronic renal failure, in which aluminum is not excreted from the body normally (Alfrey, 1984; Monteagudo et al., 1989~.
From page 348...
... The DPT vaccines used in the United States are reported to contain not more than 0.25 to 0.8 mg of aluminum per 0.5-ml injection (Physicians' Desk Reference, 1989~. One study suggested that use of aluminum-adsorbed DPT was associated with fewer febrile reactions than use of unabsorbed DPT vaccine was (Weight et al., 1983~.

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