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Appendix A: Forum Agenda
Pages 29-30

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... Forces include integration with new science, particularly nanoscale science and biology; increased emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship to drive economic growth; accelerating speed, complexity, and globalization of engineering functions; preparation of graduates to address the Grand Challenges; empowering a more diverse population of young American engineers; renewing a commitment to design and production; and developing new approaches to large-scale engineering systems that must engage society. As in all of higher education, there also are vast challenges such as declining financial support and equally vast opportunities such as the approaching tsunami of interactive online learning and massively open online courses.
From page 30...
... Vest, President, National Academy of Engineering Moderator: Ali Velshi, Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent, CNN Forum Discussion Forum Participants: Anant Agarwal, President, edX and Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Linda P Katehi, Chancellor, University of California, Davis Salman Khan, Founder of the Khan Academy Richard K

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