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Evaluation of PEPFAR (2013) / Chapter Skim
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10 Progress Toward Transitioning to a Sustainable Response in Partner Countries-Main Messages
Pages 539-542

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From page 539...
... It will be affected by many criteria and deci sions, which will vary by country, including where the country falls when it is evaluated across all four domains of political ownership and stewardship, institutional and community ownership, capabilities, and mutual accountability including finance in the OGAC-generated country ownership spectrum. Along the way, major dilemmas, such as differences in how to prioritize services and target populations will require mutual resolution.
From page 540...
... The plan should target four key areas: service delivery, financial management, program management, and knowledge management. Further considerations for implementation of this recommendation: •  n all four key areas, OGAC should invest more resources in initiatives I for long-term capacity building and infrastructure development such as strengthening in-country academic institutions, degree programs, and long-course trainings, to improve in-country capacity and to ac celerate progress toward country ownership and sustainability.
From page 541...
... Having processes in place to support this arduous decision making is a critical part of achieving sustainable HIV programs and sustainable management of the HIV epidemic in partner countries. •  artners in developing resource mobilization plans and potential P sources for more diverse funding and other resources could include national and subnational governments other bilateral donors, multi lateral agencies, global and regional development banks, and private sector consultants.

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