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Evaluation of PEPFAR (2013) / Chapter Skim
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4 U.S. Funding for the PEPFAR Initiative-Main Messages
Pages 91-92

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From page 91...
... Based on an analysis of a subset of data and countries, the increase in local prime partner funding has been driven primarily by increased funding to nongovernmental entities based in partner countries; the proportion of funding to partner country governments as prime partners has remained relatively stable over time. •  EPFAR is increasingly emphasizing a range of efforts to more stra P tegically and efficiently use its resources through the generation and use of economic and financial data; the allocation of resources based on anticipated impact; improved collaboration with partner country governments, other donors, and the Global Fund to align priorities and programs; and streamlining of business processes.
From page 92...
... 92 EVALUATION OF PEPFAR easily and effectively understand how well PEPFAR is being imple mented and how PEPFAR's investment relates to both the targets and goals of PEPFAR-supported programs and the broader goal of transitioning to more sustainable management of the response to HIV in partner countries.

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