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From page 113...
... ballast: An electronic device that converts incoming elec­ control circuitry: Electronic components designed to con tricity to the proper voltage and current required to start trol a power source by adjusting output voltage, current, and maintain the operation of a lamp. or duty cycle to switch or otherwise control the amount bandgap: The energy gap between a semiconductor's and characteristics of the electrical energy delivered to valence and conduction bands.
From page 114...
... lamps: Electric lamps with LED light engine: An integrated assembly comprised of tubes filled with gas and metal salts. The gas initiates an arc, LED packages or LED arrays, LED driver, and other which evaporates the metal salts, forming a plasma.
From page 115...
... : The ratio of electrical power dissipated Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) : by a piece of equipment to the line power drawn.
From page 116...
... of high THD one can have a situation where the current flowing in the neutral wire exceeds the rating of the wire, REFERENCES causing overheating. troffer: A long, recessed lighting unit usually installed with ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

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