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Appendix A: Committee Biographical Information
Pages 119-122

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From page 119...
... Azevedo has been looking at how energy systems are philosophy, and 10 of their projects have been named to the likely to be shaped in the future, which requires comprehen- AIA Committee on the Environment Earth Day Top Ten sive knowledge not only of the technologies that can address List. Projects for which Clanton & Associates designed the future energy needs but also of the decision-making process lighting are LEED rated, and several current projects are followed by different agents in the economy.
From page 120...
... He was also chair of the State Energy Planning Board and previously served as director of MICHAEL ETTENBERG (NAE) is managing partner at energy analysis for the New York State Energy Research and DOLCE Technologies, a company that commercializes techDevelopment Authority where he oversaw corporate strategy nologies invented at leading universities, such as ­ rinceton P and planning, forecasting and analysis, and energy program and Columbia.
From page 121...
... McDonnell pound semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices, Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineer- candidate structures for the realization of quantum compuing at Princeton University. He served as director of the tation schemes, and novel device structures formed through National Center for Integrated Photonic Technology and the heterogeneous integration of materials.
From page 122...
... He is a recipient of the Presidential Young manager, Research Applied to National Needs, National Investigator Award (1985) , the Alan Berman Research Science Foundation; division director, Buildings and Indus- Publication Award from the Naval Research Laboratories trial Conservation, Energy Research and Development (1986, for research leading to the first identification of a self Administration; deputy assistant secretary for conservation, interstitial defect in AlGaAs)

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