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... High nonresponse rates create the potential or risk for bias in estimates and affect survey design, data collection, estimation, and analysis. The survey community is painfully aware of these trends and has responded aggressively to these threats.
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... In these times of increasingly constrained human and financial resources in the social science survey community, this agenda must be mindful of both costs and benefits. Based on the panel's assessment of the state of knowledge about the problem of nonresponse in social surveys, the report suggests several key research areas in which the statistical community could fruitfully invest resources.
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... This calls for a variety of research initiatives, including: • Research on the theoretical limits of what nonresponse adjustments can achieve, given low correlations with survey variables, measurement errors, missing data, and other problems with the covariates. • Research on and development of new indicators for the impact of nonresponse, including application of the alternative indicators to real surveys to determine how well the indicators work.
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... and the effects of the contacts that people receive over the course of a survey, based on data captured in the survey process. • Research leading to the development of minimal standards for call records and similar data in order to improve the management of data collection, increase response rates, and reduce nonresponse errors.
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... survey data collections. • Research to determine the capability of information gathered by mining the Internet to augment (or replace)

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