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5 Research Agenda
Pages 101-104

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From page 101...
... The panel is aware that, in these times of increasingly limited human and financial resources for the social science survey community, a research agenda must reflect both costs and benefits. Where possible, priorities have been suggested in the report itself.
From page 102...
... Organizations that provide a platform for integrating the research work generated in these various venues, such as the AAPOR, the American Statistical Association, the International Statistical Institute, and, within the federal government, the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology, would also have important roles to play. RESEARCH ON THE PROBLEM The first set of research topics would help further define the problem, develop appropriate measures, and deepen understanding of the scope, causes, and extent of the problem: • Research to identify the person-level and societal variables responsible for the downward trend in response rates.
From page 103...
... • Research to examine unit and item nonresponse bias and to develop models of the relationship between nonresponse rates and bias. • Research on the theoretical limits of what nonresponse adjustments can achieve, given low correlations with survey variables, and on the effects of measurement errors, missing data, and other problems with the covariates.
From page 104...
... RESEARCH ON ALTERNATIVES Finally, the panel recognizes the need to explore alternatives to traditional survey data collection. There are increasing suggestions that administrative data and Internet "scraping" can produce data that could substitute for surveys.

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