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Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 123-126

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... Acronyms and Abbreviations AAPOR American Association for Public Opinion Research ABS address-based sampling ACASI audio computer-assisted self-interviewing ACS American Community Survey AHEAD Asset and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest Old Survey AHS American Housing Survey ATUS American Time Use Survey BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System CAPI computer-assisted personal interviewing CARI computer-assisted recorded interviewing CASI computer-assisted self-interviewing CASRO Council of American Survey Research Organizations CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CE Consumer Expenditure Survey CED Consumer Expenditure Diary CEQ Consumer Expenditure Quarterly Interview Survey CHI contact history instrument CNSTAT Committee on National Statistics CODA Children of the Depression Age cohort CPS Current Population Survey DSF U.S. Postal Service Delivery Sequence File 123
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... 124 NONRESPONSE IN SOCIAL SCIENCE SURVEYS EBB Early Baby Boomer Survey FCSM Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology FMI fraction of missing information GSS General Social Survey HINTS Health Information National Trends Survey HRS Health and Retirement Study IRS Internal Revenue Service IVR interactive voice response LST leverage–saliency theory MAR missing at random MCAR missing completely at random MSA metropolitan statistical area NCVS National Crime Victimization Survey NHES National Household Education Survey NHIS National Health Interview Survey NIS National Immunization Survey NLS National Longitudinal Survey NLSY National Longitudinal Survey of Youth NMCES National Medical Care Expenditure Survey NRC National Research Council OMB Office of Management and Budget PAPI paper-and-pencil interviewing PSID Panel Study of Income Dynamics PSU primary sampling unit RCD responsive collection design RDD random digit dialing RDS respondent-driven sampling SAQ self-administered questionnaire SCA Survey of Consumer Attitudes SCF Survey of Consumer Finances SIPP Survey of Income and Program Participation SLID Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
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... ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS 125 SSN Social Security number StARS Statistical Administrative Records System T-ACASI telephone audio computer-assisted self-interviewing TDM total design method TPOPS Telephone Point of Purchase Survey WB War Baby cohort

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