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Appendix D: Operation and Support Organizations
Pages 320-323

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From page 320...
... , • An offsite ERC established at TEPCO headquarters in Tokyo (headquarters ERC) , or • An offsite ERC located about 5 km from the plant (Offsite Center [OFC]
From page 321...
... Manager (Units 5-6) Shift Supervisor Assistant Shift Supervisor Unit 1 Senior Unit 2 Senior Operator Operator Assistant Senior Operator Unit 1 Main Shift Operator Unit 2 Main Shift Operator Auxiliary Operator Auxiliary Operator Auxiliary Operator Auxiliary Operator FIGURE D.1 Breakdown of responsibilities for operational staff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
From page 322...
... Key decision makers were seated around a large table in the middle of the ERC; these included • Site superintendent, who serves as the emergency director and is in charge of the onsite ERC after a severe accident occurs; • Unit superintendents; • Deputy directors; • Reactor chief engineers; • Section chiefs of 12 function teams: communication, intelligence, public relations, health physics, engineering, recovery, operation, infrastructure, medical treatment, general affairs, guard guidance, and the procurement teams. An in-house firefighting team was organized under the recovery team (Investigation Committee, 2011, p.
From page 323...
... According to the Fukushima Daiichi NPS Nuclear Emergency Prevention Action Plan, the role of the headquarters ERC is to support the onsite ERC. The TEPCO president is chief of the headquarters ERC.

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