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Appendix K: Tsunami Hazards in the Atlantic Ocean Basin
Pages 360-363

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From page 360...
... Geo logical Survey to carry out tsunami hazard assessments for the East Coast of the United States. The most recent assessment was published in 2008 (Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Tsunami Hazard Assessment Group, 2008)
From page 361...
... . Although the tsunami did reach Newfoundland, the presence of the nearby Gorringe Bank, Josephine Seamount, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and the Azores prevented the tsunami from reaching the East Coast of the United States with the exception of southern Florida.
From page 362...
... The primary triggering mechanism was probably an earthquake accompanied by elevated pore pressures in weak layers of sediment from the rapid deposition of glacial sediments during deglaciation and possible outgassing of uncovered methane hydrates (Harbitz, 1991; Masson et al., 2006)
From page 363...
... Tsunami deposits from the slides have been identified on the west coast of Norway, east coast of Scotland and northeast England, and the Faeroe and Shetland Islands (e.g., Smith et al., 2004; Bondevik et al., 2005)

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