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Appendix L: Factoring the Costs of Severe Nuclear Accidents into Backfit Decisions
Pages 364-366

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From page 364...
... . In addition, all of Japan's other nuclear power plants have been idled for about 3 years as a result of the accident.
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... These cost estimates were used in the staff's backfit analysis for filtered vents (Borchardt, 2012a, Enclosure 5C, Table 7, Case 2) : • A collective population dose to workers and the public out to 50 miles (accounting for reductions due to evacuation)
From page 366...
... These include national economic disruption, anxiety and depression within affected populations, and deterioration of social institutions arising from a loss of trust in governmental organizations. The USNRC is launching a multiyear process for updating its regulatory guidance for backfit analyses.

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