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Appendix D: Additional Suggested Reading Material
Pages 122-128

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From page 122...
... A new instru ment for measuring student beliefs about physics and learning physics: The Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey. Physical Review Special Topics -- Physics Education Research 2(1)
From page 123...
... Focus On, June. AIP Statistical Research Center.
From page 124...
... 2010. How physics teachers approach innovation: An empirical study for r ­ econstructing the appropriation path in the case of special relativity.
From page 125...
... 2010. A physics department's role in preparing physics teachers: The Colorado Learning Assistant Model.
From page 126...
... 2004. RealTime Physics Active Learning Laboratories Module 3: Electric Circuits, 2nd ed.
From page 127...
... 2010. Reducing the gender achievement gap in college science: A classroom study of values affirmation.

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