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Executive Summary
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... Some of the important new areas include the use of "traceable accounts," the articulation of needs for future research and a vision for an ongoing assessment process, the outreach efforts to help various stakeholders define their climate-related information needs, and the initial (though incomplete) effort to assess the current state of climate change response activities around the nation.
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... 2 A Review of the Draft 2013 National Climate Assessment    clearly acknowledge how climate change affects and is affected by other types of major global environmental changes and other societal developments;  offer an explicit discussion about the uncertainties associated with the regional model projections presented in the NCA draft;  take full advantage of the e-book format planned for this document through strategic use of hyperlinks among different parts of the report and other innovative approaches that help guide the experience of the NCA's diverse audiences. As the nation continues to engage with the threats, opportunities, and surprises of climate change in its many manifestations, the 2013 NCA should prove to be a valuable resource, as a summary of the state of knowledge about climate change and its implications for the American people.

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