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Appendix E: Resource List
Pages 143-148

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From page 143...
... Can be downloaded at For public health information, an entire edition of the journal for Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness was dedicated to the public health issues associated with the aftermath of nuclear terrorism.
From page 144...
... . This interagency consensus document provides excellent background information on the effects of a nuclear detonation and key response recommendations.
From page 145...
... These organizations represent practitioners in the field of radiation readiness, including state and local public health practitioners; elected officials at the state and local level; and first responder and first receiver groups. Reps of federal agencies participate as liaison members.
From page 146...
... Rad Resilient City: A Preparedness Checklist to Save Lives After a Nuclear Detonation, published by the UPMC Center for Health Security, provides cities and their neighbors with a checklist of preparedness actions that could save tens of thousands of lives or more following a nuclear terrorist attack. The workbook includes a wealth of background information, a phased implementation plan, guidance for using buildings as shelters, a community preparedness education plan, and guidelines for developing and samples of post-event messages to guide and save lives.
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... ,, or Mark Sparks,

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