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Appendix A: List of Contributors
Pages 129-134

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From page 129...
... Simon Anastasiadis Kumkum Bhattacharyya Motu Public Policy and Economic Eastern Michigan University Research David Bieri Clinton Andrews University of Michigan Rutgers University Richard Bilsborrow Camille Antinori University of North Carolina, Chapel University of California, Berkeley Hill 129
From page 130...
... Geological Survey Administration Keith Clarke Geoffrey Duh University of California, Santa Portland State University Barbara Ron Eastman Sonny Conder Clark University Portland Metro, City of Portland, Oregon Joshua Elliott University of Chicago Felix Creutzig Technische Universität Berlin Erle Ellis University of Maryland, Baltimore County
From page 131...
... APPENDIX A 131 Theodore Endreny John Harrington Jr SUNY ESF Kansas State University Tom Evans Nancy Harris Indiana University, Bloomington Winrock Johannes Feddema Petr Havlik The University of Kansas IIASA Rosie Fisher Hong He National Center for Atmospheric University of Missouri Research Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman Beth Fulton University of Georgia CSIRO Nate Herold Christine Fürst National Oceanic and Atmospheric University of Bonn Administration Josh Gray Forrest Hoffman Boston University Oak Ridge National Laboratory Stephen Guptill Robert Hoyer Consultant Portland State University Eric Gustafson Benjamin Heumann USDA Forest Service Central Michigan University Garik Gutman Thomas Houet National Aeronautics and Space GEODE UMR 5602 CNRS Administration Falk Huettmann William Gutowski University of Alaska, Fairbanks Iowa State University Glenn Hyman Barry Haack International Center for Tropical George Mason University Agriculture (CIAT) Jaclyn Hall Marcus Idoko University of Florida New Castle University, UK Stu Hamilton Todd Jones-Farrand College of William and Mary Central Hardwoods Joint Venture
From page 132...
... 132 APPENDIX A Maggi Kelly Arika Ligmann-Zielinska University of California, Berkeley Michigan State University Katherine King Scott Lowe Duke University Boise State University Jeff Kline Sandra Luque USDA Forest Service IRSTEA National Research Institute of Science and Technology for David Koch Environment and Agriculture, France University of Dubuque Jordan Macknick Max Kummerow National Renewable Energy Retired Laboratory Tobia Lakes Steven Manson Humboldt University of Berlin University of Minnesota Matt Larsen Jean F Mas U.S. Geological Survey Universidad Macional Autonoma de Mexico Peter Lawrence National Center for Atmospheric Audrey Mayer Research Michigan Technological University David Leclere Bruce McCarl LSCE/IPSL Texas A&M University Brian Lee Adrian Muller University of Kentucky Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Frick, Switzerland David Lewis University of Puget Sound Darla Munroe Ohio State University Fang Li Chinese Academy of Sciences Nathan Moore Michigan State University Weiping Li National Climate Center, China Gerald Nelson Meteorological Administration IFPRI Erik Lichtenberg David Newburn University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland
From page 133...
... Geological Survey National Center for Atmospheric Research Terry Sohl U.S. Geological Survey Martin Paegelow University of Toulouse II, France Forrest Stevens University of Florida Dawn Parker University of Waterloo Alan Strahler Boston University Guillermo Podesta University of Miami Tanita Suepa Michigan State University Andrew Plantinga Oregon State University Scott Templeton Clemson University Joerg Priess Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Dave Theobald Research – UFZ Colorado State University Rainer Prüller Sandor Toth Graz University of Technology, University of Washington Austria Dean Urban Ray Quay Duke University Arizona State University Hedwig van Delden Ronald Rindfuss Research Institute for Knowledge University of North Carolina Systems Oh Seok Kim Jasper van Vliet University of Southern California IVM, VU University Amsterdam
From page 134...
... Department of Defense U.S. Forest Service Xubin Zeng Trist West University of Arizona Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Pat Zollner Purdue University Roger White Memorial University of Albana Zotaj Newfoundland National Territorial Planning Agency Yolanda Wiersma Memorial University

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