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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 121-126

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... Implementing a transdisciplinary professionalism, with shared values ­ and accountabilities, could serve to support patient and public trust throughout health care, but it would not be easy. To be worthy of such 121
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... • What is the impact of an evolving professional context on patients, students, and others working within the health care system? Workshop Objectives • To explore and define what professionalism means and the impact this has on collaboration among health professions within and between education and practice around the world.
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... 11:30 am Facilitated Table Discussion  Facilitator: Matthew Wynia, Institute for Ethics, American Medical Association 12:30 pm LUNCH SESSION II: SHARED SOCIAL CONTRACT FOR PATIENTS' AND PUBLIC'S TRUST 1:15 pm Move to small rooms for breakout groups Small-Group Breakout Sessions Key Areas Within Transdisciplinary Professionalism (use of case studies and focus on milestones)
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... Health and Well-Being in Transdisciplinary Professionalism  Leader: Mary Jo Kreitzer, Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota  Assisted by Liza Goldblatt, Workshop Planning Committee Member 2:45 pm BREAK (reconvene in large group) 3:15 pm The Social Contract of Health Professions and Health Professions Education Introduction by Jordan Cohen, Global Forum Co-Chair Speakers: Richard Cruess and Sylvia Cruess, Centre for Medical Education, McGill University, Montreal Q&A (student questions first)
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... APPENDIX A 125 Stakeholder perspectives: •  ric Cohen, Master's Student in Nutrition and Integrative E Health; Inova Life with Cancer •  imanshu Negandhi, Public Health Foundation of India H •  eun Adebiyi, Founder of the Bone Marrow Registry in S Nigeria •  ave Chokshi, Primary Care Physician Innovator D •  udith Miller Jones, National Health Policy Forum, J George Washington University 5:30 pm ADJOURN DAY 2: WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2013 8:00 am Breakfast 8:00 am  Roundtable Discussion: Innovations in Teaching ­ eadership L Through Professionalism That Highlight the Idea of the ­Social Contract  Moderator: Sarita Verma, Co-Lead, Canadian country collaborative •  uanita Bezuidenhout, South African country collaborative J •  arietjie de Villiers, South African country collaborative M •  anjay Zodpey, Indian country collaborative S •  imanshu Negandhi, Indian country collaborative H •  aria Tassone, Canadian country collaborative M •  mmanuelle Careau, Canadian country collaborative E 9:00 am Panel: Innovations in Teaching About Professionalism and Professional Norms  Moderator: Charlotte Exner, College of Health Professions, Towson University •  usan H McDaniel, Psychiatry and Family Medicine, S University of Rochester •  acquelyn Slomka, School of Nursing, Case Western J Reserve University •  atricia Werhane, Institute for Business and Professional P Ethics, DePaul University Q&A (student questions first)
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... 126 ESTABLISHING TRANSDISCIPLINARY PROFESSIONALISM 11:00 am Report-Back from the Small Groups  Moderator: Cynthia Belar, Workshop Planning Committee Co-Chair •  atherine Grus, Group 1 Participant C •  usan Chimonas, Group 2 Leader S •  eg Gaines, Group 3 Leader M •  ary Jo Kreitzer, Group 4 Leader M 11:55 am Reflections A Patient Perspective Introduction by Sally Okun, Workshop Planning Committee Member •  arbara Kornblau, Society for Participatory Medicine B A Social Contract Introduction by Patrick Kelley, Board on Global Health, Institute of Medicine •  ir George Alleyne, Chancellor, University of the West S Indies, and Director Emeritus, Pan American Health Organization 1:00 pm LUNCH/ADJOURN

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