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II.4 A Patient Perspective--Barbara L. Kornblau
Pages 90-95

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From page 90...
... The IPC plans to develop a tool kit including teaching materials, assessments based on observable behaviors that are targeted at the level of entry into the health professions, and links to other resources. We welcome research and collaboration to further refine the interprofessional professionalism concept and integrate it with national and international health policy initiatives and competency frameworks.
From page 91...
... The Center for Advancing Health defines patient engagement as "actions individuals must take to obtain the greatest benefit from the health care services available to them" (Center for Advancing Health, 2010, p.
From page 92...
... From this group, I learn about the latest research and treatment for my condition. I often share this information with my health care providers.
From page 93...
... Further, patients see more of a transdisciplinary team than the presenters at the IOM workshop reflected. The presenters were mostly physicians, and reality today includes primary care providers who are nurse practitioners and physician assistants, plus many other providers who are on the team.
From page 94...
... How is the health care provider treating me? Speakers stressed professional autonomy as an issue within the context of the social contact and the development of a transdisciplinary team.
From page 95...
... Health care providers need to understand that ethically and legally, people with disabilities and chronic conditions are entitled to be treated like everyone else. The World Health Organization measures health in terms of participation.

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