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Executive Summary
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... This change can be achieved by integrating hazard reduction policy and practice into the mainstream of community activities throughout the nation and the woricl. The Decacle presents an opportunity tO reassess the approach to natural hazards and to develop strategies for reclucing losses by stressing prevention and preparedness while sustaining and enhancing essential disaster response, relief, ant!
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... improve their hazard and risk assessments with the assistance of the federal government and use this information in their decision-making processes. The Committee identified four means for improving the quality and availability of hazard and risk assessments: · the development of computerized multihazard geographic information systems that would make information traditionally stored on paper maps and charts and in books easily accessible to decision-makers, · research on the physical and biological factors that contribute to and cause natural disasters, · research on the social factors that govern human response to natural hazards, and · research on technological and societal strategies for disaster reduction.
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... The Committee recommends that by the end of the Decade, every business and local jurisdiction at significant risk have plans for emergency response, recovery, and reconstruction that have been tested and coordinates! with state and federal governments as well as with other local governments.
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... The Committee recommends that data on the physical, biological, social, and health aspects of disasters be systematically collected and shared and that the resulting lessons learner! be incorporated into policy and practice to reduce the impacts of future disasters.
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... Among the greatest challenges of the Decade wild be the development of broad public support and the political will to implement disaster reduction programs. The involvement and commitment of all sectors of society including individuals; community, voluntary, and professional organizations; business and industry; public interest groups; academia; and federal, state, and local governments will be crucial to reducing vulnerability to natural hazards.
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... A few moments of terror the Really Reel of a tornado cuts through a community, leaving a snaking trail of devastation along its ? ~r~predicta/ble path.

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