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9. Organization of the U.S. Decade
Pages 57-60

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From page 57...
... The SNDR supports the National Committee and is developing a plan of action for federal science and disaster reduction agencies. As the Decade's national and international activities increase, the Federal Coordinating Council on Science, Engineering, and Technology should consider establishing a committee at a higher level focusing solely on the Decade and formally involving all key departments and independent agencies with responsibility for disaster reduction activities.
From page 58...
... Thefirst line of action is the local commurlity, and offer' mitigation' ar~dipreparation are most self/ in their most loasiciorm, such as a 6rigadle of volunteers f ililirlg arldistackirlg sarld{/toags to hoist loack rising river waters.
From page 59...
... The agency operates uncler various statutes dealing with multihazard emergency management. By law, the civil defense program may support all natural and technological hazards, provicled that implementation floes not detract from attack preparedness.

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