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1 Introduction
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... That report recommended a set of revised pregnancy weight gain guidelines directed at four different categories of women: normal weight, underweight, overweight, and obese. The 2009 report also identified evidence that preconception counseling and certain practices, such as charting weight gain trends during pregnancy, can lead to risk-reducing behaviors as well as to improved 1 The planning committee's role was limited to planning the workshop, and the workshop summary has been prepared by the workshop rapporteurs as a factual summary of what occurred at the workshop.
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... Among the barriers to women maintaining more appropriate weight during pregnancy are that many women and even health professionals remain unaware of the recommended pregnancy weight guidelines and that even those women who are aware of the guidelines may find it difficult to obtain informed guidance that can help them achieve those guidelines. Developing information resources that are evidence-based and easy to use could help health professionals as well as community leaders in their efforts to assist women achieve a healthy pre-pregnancy weight and to gain within recommended ranges during pregnancy.
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... Department of Agriculture, and the National Institutes of Health; and a number of individuals who joined by webcast. The workshop featured conceptual products as well as products developed for dissemination, panel discussions on ways to facilitate and support behavior change to achieve healthy weight pre- and postpregnancy, a town hall discussion on how to put the weight gain guidelines into action, and a presentation on innovative ways to reach women and implement change.

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