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6 Presentation on the First Thousand Days Program
Pages 55-56

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... RICHARD SASS, CHAIRMAN, CONTACT WELLNESS FOUNDATION The First Thousand Days program, which focused on children from conception through 2 years of age, includes a wellness algorithm and is based on the relatively new science of the developmental origins of health and disease. If the fetus is biologically programmed by the mother from the very point of conception, then it is all the more urgent to direct pregnant women who are at risk of diabetes, obesity, and other chronic conditions into preventive care as early as possible.
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... a toolkit that includes glucose monitoring, A1C monitoring, resources for calculating and tracking BMI and blood pressure measurements, and other tools to help the pregnant woman monitor her progress throughout her pregnancy; and (3) a $1,000 529 education savings plan for the baby as an incentive to motivate the mother to reach her goals for her 40 weeks of pregnancy.

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