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8 Final Thoughts
Pages 65-68

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From page 65...
... This idea has emerged because research has increasingly indicated that a woman's health and weight status before pregnancy and what happens during pregnancy both matter for a woman's overall health. This strategy is also a way to connect pregnancy care to women's health care generally.
From page 66...
... Motivate Women to Adopt Healthy Behaviors Conry first raised this strategy of motivating women to adopt healthy behaviors in her keynote address when she suggested that clinicians ask women about their reproductive goals periodically as part of a larger discussion about the women's goals for their overall health. This is an opportunity for dialogue not only between women and their obstetriciansgynecologists, but also between women and other clinicians whom they encounter in their own health care and in their family's health care.
From page 67...
... Visible leadership to promote these discussions is essential. Workshop participants themselves have opportunities to take advantage of the "bully pulpits" afforded by their various organization roles to affect policy change and to motivate patients, professional societies, or students.
From page 68...
... Rasmussen concluded her remarks by thanking the participants, the Institute of Medicine staff, and the meeting's sponsor, the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health of the Health Resources and Services Administration, for their support, encouragement, and participation. The workshop was adjourned.

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