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Appendix C: Biosketches of Committee Members
Pages 60-66

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From page 60...
... Mr. Stanley was appointed in 1982 as the director of the Durham-Durham County Emergency Management Agency where he worked very closely with the world's largest research park in the North Carolina Triangle area and was heavily involved with hazardous materials planning.
From page 61...
... His experience in emergency public information and public warning spans more than four decades, including service with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the California Emergency Management Agency, and local public safety and emergency management agencies.
From page 62...
... Department of Commerce, where she spearheaded executive branch policy initiatives to increase educational, broadcast, and nonbroadcast telecommunications ownership opportunities; advanced joint venture
From page 63...
... -funded Responding to Crises and Unexpected Events and ResponSphere projects, and multiple projects involving cognitive networking, as well as leading several international collaborations. He has authored more than 230 peer-reviewed technical papers on a wide range of research topics in wireless communications, including architectures, protocols, performance analysis of computer and communication networks, adaptive systems, energy-efficient communications, disaster management applications, and health-related applications, among others.
From page 64...
... Shekhar's research developed core technologies behind in-vehicle navigation devices as well as web-based routing services, which revolutionized outdoor navigation in urban environments in the last decade. His recent research results played a critical role in evacuation route planning for homeland security and received multiple recognitions including the Center for Transportation Studies Research Partnership Award for significant impact on transportation.
From page 65...
... Dr. Tsou served on the 2006 committee on "Research Priorities for the USGS Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science." In 2007, he created and maintained an interactive Web-based mapping services for San Diego Wildfires 2007.

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