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Appendix B: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 113-116

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From page 113...
... He has conducted water policy research in the Colorado, Indus, Ganges, and Great Lakes basins, including the history of multilateral water agreements. He is currently conducting comparative international research on water hazards and conservation innovations in the United States, South Asia, and Central Asia.
From page 114...
... Her research program encompasses multiple fields of study, including biogeochemistry and microbial community structure and potential metabolic activity in coastal environments. In particular, she has focused on the cycling of nutrients, dissolved gases, trace metals, carbon, and sulfur in a variety of systems, ranging from saline lakes to temperate and tropical coastal environments to deep ocean sediments and brines to Antarctic lakes and Arctic seas.
From page 115...
... Dr. Lewis has served as a member or chair of numerous NRC committees; he was chair of the Committee on Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin, the Committee on Glen Canyon Environmental Studies Review, and the Committee on Wetlands Characterization.
From page 116...
... Finally, for the Global Water Partnership he is presently involved in a scientific background paper on water security. He has been actively involved in many water resources development projects in the Netherlands and abroad, ranging from projects with emphasis on long-term planning to real-time operation, from projects aimed at pre-feasibility studies to detailed water management projects, and from integrated studies (water quantity, water quality, ecology, economics, socioeconomics, and institutional aspects)

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