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APPENDIX C: Biographies of Panel Members
Pages 39-44

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From page 39...
... Casteen advises the Governor on educational policy matters, prepares and oversees the state's education budget, and serves as chief spokesman on educational subjects before the Virginia General Assembly. He is also responsible for elementary, secondary, and higher education and the state's museums and libraries, as well as programs supporting cultural activities and basic research efforts.
From page 40...
... economy covering gross national product, industry output, and productivity and employment by industry and occupation. He prepares career guidance and training materials such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook and analyzes the implication of government programs or shifts in demand as they might affect employment or skill shortages.
From page 41...
... Neumann's responsibilities include the formulation, recommendation, and functional direction of plans, policies, and programs in personnel management for the worldwide operations of Bechtel. Additional duties include establishing standards for the performance of the personnel organization, monitoring the effectiveness of personnel programs, and arranging and managing employee benefit programs.
From page 42...
... His responsibilities include employee benefits, foreign programs, affirmative action, staffing programs, college relations, health and safety programs, and data-processing systems programs for human resources planning.
From page 43...
... WILLIAM P STEINBERGER, Vice President, Vocational Education Services, Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota Control Data, a company of 65,000 employees, provides computer equipment for school systems in vocational as well as traditional educational programs.
From page 44...
... Dr. Thomas's professional career includes radio, agriculture, and sports broadcasting, teaching vocational education, the vice presidency of a billion-dollar agricultural supply organization, being associate vice provost of extension-continuing education at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and being a member of the faculty at the College of Agriculture and College of Business and Public Administration at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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