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1 Introduction
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... The study of mobility matters because it speaks to issues of class formation, equal opportunity, and lifetime inequality. For mobility scholars oriented toward issues of class formation, the presumption has long been that high levels of social mobility, manifested both within and across generations, hamper the formation of social classes.
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... The purpose of this workshop was to plan a new national survey that will provide the first definitive evidence on recent and long-term trends in social mobility. In order to facilitate the design of a new data collection and analysis source, the workshop had the objectives of coming to an understanding of the substantial advances in the methods and statistics for modeling mobility, in survey methodology and populationbased survey experiments, in opportunities to merge administrative and survey data, and in the techniques of measuring race, class, education, and income.
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... The National Research Council appointed a steering committee of experts in the study of social mobility that was charged with: organizing an open workshop on the key decision points associated with launching a new national level survey of social mobility. The workshop will bring together scientific experts from a variety of social and behav ioral disciplines to consider various aspects of a major new national survey, including identifying relevant new theoretical perspectives and technical issues that have implications for modeling, measurement, and data collection.
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... A spirited discussion of the lessons learned from these presentations and the way ahead for developing a data collection program to support an understanding of social mobility trends and impact completed the workshop. Following the workshop, the steering committee was reconvened to weigh the discussion, identify additional areas in which research and pretesting may be needed, and begin the task of developing a proposal for a national mobility survey.

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