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Executive Summary
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... , recognizes the importance of mesoscale weather events to the nation's space program; thus enhanced understanding of mesoscale processes should contribute in this arena as well. 1 Mesoscale processes are those that occur on scales of 2 to 2000 km, such as thunderstorms, tornado outbreaks, local heavy rain and snowstorms, flash floods, windstorms, downslope winds, and significant air pollution events.
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... • Numerical prediction models should be improved to more accurately account for physical and chemical processes, including those involved in the hydrologic cycle; sensible, radiative, and latent heating throughout the troposphere; and energy exchange at the earth's surface. • Large observing programs, timed to take advantage of the newly deployed observing systems, should be conducted.
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... By building on the large investment already committed to new observational technology and capabilities, the National STORM Program will provide the focus for important advances in basic understanding of mesoscale weather processes and in the country's operational abilities to forecast weather events.

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